Electroporation: a powerful transformation technique!

 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
Electroporation originated in 1970s. It is a phenomenon in which the permeability of cell membrane to ions and macromolecules is increased by exposing the cell to high voltage electric pulses. According to the severity of damage on cell membrane caused by the strength of voltage, the length, and the amount of pulse delivery, it can be classified into reversible electroporation and irreversible electroporation (IRE). In reversible electroporation, transient pores of small dimensions are formed and reseal when the supply of electric field is terminated. The irreversible damage of cell membrane occurs when high-intensity PEF treatment is applied. The electroporation efficiency depends on different parameters such as electric field strength, pulse shape, pulse number, and the total treatment time and cell size. IRE has been widely accepted as a new technique for tumor ablation based on its effectiveness and safety in ablating tumors abut to vital structures.
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