Cancer Vaccination: from Prevention to Treatment!

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Most of us know about vaccines given to healthy people to help prevent infections, such as measles and chicken pox. These vaccines use weakened or killed germs like viruses or bacteria to start an immune response in the body. Getting the immune system ready to defend against these germs helps keep people from getting infections. Most vaccines used to treat cancer work the same way, but they make the person’s immune system attack cancer cells. The goal is to help treat cancer or to help keep it from coming back after other treatments. But there are also some vaccines that may actually help prevent certain cancers.
Cancer immunotherapy has branched into various categories, and one of the most promising and also frustrating approaches is cancer vaccination. Vaccination has saved a million lives in the world. However, Cancer Vaccine technology has gone a long and challenging way to reach today’s place. A lot of failures in this therapy, galvanized scientists to find more efficient methods for better targeting and precise antigen and adjuvant selection. Divergent platforms and various vaccine types have been tested during the last thirty years.
Dendritic Cells, Long/Short peptides, whole tumor cell lysate, viral-based, and Genetic-based vaccines are the most common vaccine types. Novel approaches in cancer vaccination are mainly based on personalized vaccination, Nano-carrier usage, and combination therapy.
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