Perspectives on Cold Atmospheric Plasma in cancer treatment!

 | Post date: 2021/05/17 | 
Plasma medicine is an innovative research field combining plasma physics, life science, and clinical medicine. It is mainly focused on the application of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) in therapeutic settings. Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is a potential anticancer therapy. CAP has cytotoxic effects when applied either directly to cancer cell cultures or indirectly through plasma-conditioned liquids. The latest research published by Nature introduces a novel protocol after the evaluation of the effect of CAP and plasma-treated liquids in cancer cell cultures. This protocol describes how to treat adherent cultures of human cancer cell lines with CAP or plasma-conditioned medium and determine cell viability following treatment. The protocol also includes details on how to quantify the reactive oxygen and nitrogen species present in medium following CAP treatment, using chemical probes using UV-visible or fluorescence spectroscopy. CAP treatment takes ~30 min, and 3 h are required to complete quantification of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. By providing a standardized protocol for evaluation of the effects of CAP and plasma-conditioned medium, we hope to facilitate the comparison and interpretation of results seen across different laboratories.
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