Portable Bioprinters: Facilitating and Accelerating Regenerative Medicine!

 | Post date: 2021/04/22 | 
Bioprinting technologies have been advancing at the convergence of automation, digitalization, and new tissue engineering (TE) approaches. In situ bioprinting may be favored during certain situations when compared with the conventional in vitro bioprinting when de novo tissues are to be printed directly on the intended anatomical location in the living body. 
The portable bioprinting approach involves a thoroughly portable device that allows the deposition of bio-inks (biomaterials and cells) in a direct-write fashion. The portable bioprinter has many advantages such as ease of use and high speed. However, the most prominent advantage of portable bioprinters is that the operator can hold the bioprinter to print bio-ink directly at the wound site, without needing a computer system and defect scanning. 
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