Coffee Consumption Association with Cardiovascular Disease Mortality!

 | Post date: 2023/02/20 | 
Drinking two or more cups of coffee a day may double the risk of death from cardiovascular disease among people with severe high blood pressure (160/100 mm Hg or higher) but not people with high blood pressure not considered severe, according to research published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open access, peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association.  In this study conducted by JACC (Japan Collaborative Cohort Study for Evaluation of Cancer Risk), 18 609 participants (6574 men and 12 035 women) aged 40 to 79 years at baseline who completed a lifestyle, diet, and medical history questionnaire, and health examinations, were followed up until 2009. They classified the participants into four blood pressure (BP) categories: optimal and normal BP, high‐normal BP, grade 1 hypertension, and grade 2–3 hypertension. A Cox proportional hazard model was used to calculate the multivariable hazard ratios with 95% CIs of cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality. During the 18.9 years of median follow‐up, a total of 842 CVD deaths were documented. Coffee consumption was associated with an increased risk of CVD mortality among people with grade 2–3 hypertension. 
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