dTAG: Highly Commended Innovative Product of 2020

 | Post date: 2021/03/4 | 

dTAG (degradation TAG), developed by Dr. Behanm Nabet for immediate and target-specific protein degradation, is an innovative approach to target validation, using heterobifunctional small molecule Degraders to harness a cell’s protein degradation system and eliminate a protein of interest.
The highlight of this system originates from the fact that the other targeted protein degradation (TPD) approaches, such as the PROTAC® degraders MZ 1 and THAL SNS 032, utilize an existing ligand for the protein of interest linked to an E3 ligase ligand in the development of the Degrader. while, dTAG technology removes the need for a known ligand, by combining Degrader technology with genome engineering.
This technology platform will confer kinetic resolution to biological investigation and provide target validation in the context of drug discovery. The dTAG system pairs a novel degrader of FKBP12F36V with the expression of FKBP12F36V in-frame with a protein of interest.

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